Industry Showing Signs of Growth.

LRC Notice strong industry growth moving in 1st quarter of 2014

It is heartening to see the recovery taking shape and visibly we believe this is becoming much more sustainable than in previous periods. One sign of a positive upturn is the rise in the number of senior executives being appointed as the choice of roles grow.

At LRC, we are experiencing high volumes of enquiries at all levels of recruitment but more notably at senior management level. The confidence by the construction industry to recruit at this level demonstrates a picture of growth and investment at a critical time of recovery and long may it continue. We believe there is a combination of factors including the Help to Buy scheme, easier access to funding and renewed commitment to investment than for a long time.

The survey found that confidence had increased across all UK regions and sectors, with companies in North England and the West Midlands forecasting strong growth. As we move forward, the need to also provide suitable training is of paramount importance for all, including younger people and those who may need refresher training or indeed new training. This again helps to ensure a sound recovery, providing the availability of skills and people that are so vital to the industry if it is to prosper in the longer term.

Publish date: 1:04 pm, 25th Feb 2014