The Rise of a Dream

Over the summer, the Liverpool Recruitment Company has undertaken various changes in staff, in particularly with the loss of two consultants. However, despite this sad news the team has battled through a tough and demanding season and come out on top

This summer has provided an opportunity to prove our effectiveness to our clients and to our ‘lads and lasses’ on the ground. We have managed to almost double the number of operatives that are working on sites throughout the UK, to which we are immensely proud of, especially of all the hard work and effort that has gone into sustaining that dramatic increase both in the office and on site.

The ever growing list of prominent projects that an LRC high visibility jacket can be found speaks for itself, whether it is in London, Liverpool or Manchester, the brand name and assurance of quality and professionalism is echoed.

Moving on from a challenging but rewarding Summer, the battle hardened team within the office is prepared to again step-up their game, and work effectively to again raise the number of operatives that we have on site throughout the UK while maintaining the brilliant standards that we expect. We have welcomed several new members to the team, and have successfully ironed out any issues, and are hard at work, both night and day working on various big projects to fulfil and surpass our clients expectations; both new and existing.

For all the operatives that have been working extremely hard, wearing the ‘Hi-vis’ and flying our banner, we thank you and greatly appreciate your time and dedication and to those that are awaiting to see the reFocused effects, a ‘Hi-vis’ will be coming to a town or city near you. 

Publish date: 6:54 pm, 17th Sep 2014